Garage Door Repair Whitby

Garage Door Torsion Spring

More often than not, customers reach our team when their Whitby garage door torsion spring is broken. Is that your case too? Instead of panicking or putting yourself in harm’s way, get in touch with our company. It only takes a short phone call or brief message to Whitby Garage Door Repair to have a broken spring replaced.

You will be happy to learn that you can count on our team for all torsion spring repair services in Whitby, Ontario. No need to wait until the spring breaks to contact us. If there’s anything else that you need for a torsion spring, contact us. Do the same if you currently need service for extension springs in Whitby.

Garage Door Torsion Spring Whitby

Quick replacement of a broken garage door torsion spring in Whitby

If we are talking about a broken garage door torsion spring, Whitby techs rapidly respond to replace it. Rest assured. There’s no point in waiting. Grab your phone, tell us that your spring is broken, and schedule the service. We hurry to send out techs, even if the spring is not broken just yet but it’s rusty or otherwise damaged. So, don’t worry about our team’s responsiveness.

Be also sure that the techs come out prepared for the garage door torsion spring replacement service. Removing the broken or worn spring takes knowledge and suitable tools. Same thing when it comes to the overall installation of the new spring. Be sure that every step is taken with absolute caution and that all phases of the service – from the removal of the spring to the torsion spring adjustment – are carried out thoroughly.

The pros carry the suitable torsion spring replacement for the specific garage door and perform the service accurately. If you want a torsion spring replaced without paying a small fortune and without taking risks, get in touch with us.

Need a spring adjustment? The torsion spring lubricated?

Of course, we send techs to adjust springs when and if needed. This is often needed with galvanized springs. We also send techs to install a second torsion spring when the garage door is too wide and heavy. Overall, local pros are assigned to all sorts of services, from routinely inspecting the spring system to lubricating the coils, fixing the garage door balance, and making conversions. Need a spring converted? Want an oil-tempered spring checked? Time for broken spring replacement? Be sure all services on your home garage door torsion spring in Whitby are performed in a professional manner by leaving them all to us. Talk to us about your current spring concerns.